10mm stair nosing FRP profile

I new 10mm stair nosing profile in FRP has just been released.
SC-R 70 is a fiberglass reinforced material with a very durable silicon oxide anti-slip grit.
SC-R 70 has a standard grit and is suitable for use in commercial and residential applications such as car parks, schools sporting arenas, fire escapes or steps that are exposed to the elements, or those that require high visibility and high durable slip resistance.
It is very difficult to install a 10mm face on a stair nosing due to the size and the restriction it places on you in terms of the stairs needing to be perfectly flat or even.

The 10mm stair nosing profile is a compliment to the very popular 25mm FRP stair nosing profile. It complied with AS1492 standards.

Stair nosing 10mm FRP
Stair nosing 10mm and 25mm made out of yellow FRP
Stair nosing 10mm and 25mm made out of black FRP