A wide range of anti slip tape – Anti slip Products

Anti-slip tape

can either be applied as a stand-alone slip prevention measure or can be incorporated into our SF2 and SF4 Stair Nosing Profiles.

Anti slip tape features

Our product has a thick carrier impregnated with a diamond hard aluminium oxide. Nothing is more hardy tough or durable
Our anti-slip tapes unique adhesive is water resistant and ensures once it’s down it stays down!
Our anti-slip is formulated for resistance to both steam & detergent cleaning
Many Options

    50mm wide rolls x 18.3m long available in black, yellow or grey.
    70mm wide rolls . 18.3m long available in black or yellow.

The anti slip tapes come in different sizes and colours including photo luminescent finish are available on request.
Anti-Slip Cleats and Shapes can be produced in any shape or design. State of the art PLC controlled machinery ensures product accuracy.

The ant slip tapes are designed to make slippery and hazardous surfaces such as treads, nosings ladders, anywhere where OHS requires that a safe working environment is important to worksafe practices.

These ant slip tapes and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Some of the products available provide both an anti-slip finish but also the hazard stripe offers a visual signal to warn of a slippery, greasy or hazardous surfaces.

There is a photo luminescent strip which can be used for floors, stairways to stop highlight and stop slipping, especially for escape / emergency exits and stairwells where light may be reduced.

We offer standard roll sizes; however, rolls, cleats and shapes can be formed to your requirements, and produced to specific tolerances.