Artigo Rubber Flooring by NovaProducts

Rubber Flooring Zero 4 Studded

Rubber Flooring Perth – ZERO.4

    Solid colour round studded tiles – A modern interpretation of classic studded Novaproducts Zero.4 continues to build on the rich heritage of Pirelli studded flooring, with a bold new, interpretation to suit today’s environment. The new design delivers a random, yet natural stud pattern across the tile, with four different sized studs to add a new dimension to the flooring effect. With seven strong colours and 1m x 1m square tiles Zero.4 creates a stylish finish that will certainly leave a lasting impression.


    Eco Friendly: Rubber Flooring makes the Ideal solution for all environmentally sustainable and Green star rated projects. The full range has been certified as a low emission product and is recognized internationally by LEEDS, and GECA Australia. GECA License # GECA25-2011v2

Rubber Flooring BS Classic / Strong Studded

Rubber Flooring Perth BS Classic Range

The BS Classic/Strong range is the modern day evolution of Pirelli’s original studded flooring that was first used on Milan’s underground in 1965 and remains intact to this day.

Known as the ‘Godfather’ of studded rubber flooring due to it’s intense and popular visual impact, the studded range has been widely used to give new environments a greater level of graphical definition. There are twenty strong and stylish colours to choose from:

” When it comes to studded flooring there are many imitators, but only one true classic”- BS Stud System range.


Low maintenance: Stain & chemical resistant which means a significant reduction of detergents, water and energy required for cleaning and maintenance. Because of its non-porous compact surface, rubber floors are very easy to clean due to the PU coating applied to surface and requires simple and cost effective everyday household cleaning products to maintain it.

Granito Rubber Flooring

Sheet Rubber Flooring Perth

Granito rubber flooring combines a smooth surface with accentuated multi-coloured granules, reminiscent of a luxurious granite effect.
Granito is ideal for high traffic, high use environments where a rich visual experience is desired.

With 24 colours in both bright and muted tones, Granito is suitable for a massive range of applications from hospitals through to kindergartens.

Rubber Flooring Natura / Kayar

Rubber sheet Flooring Perth

The opportunity to explore the creative freedom offered by the Natura/Kayar range is endless with over 24 unique colours to choose from. Kayar is a design that can explore a wide variety of architectural concepts, and becomes the focus of any project due to the union of rubber and natural coir features in all areas.

Where contemporary flooring and nature collide. Kayar rubber flooring is achieved by adding fragments of natural coir to the rubber compound. The technological innovation is in the mixing process, specially engineered to obtain a uniquely random distribution of fibres on the surface.

The roll format, in particular, allows for a strong ‘continuous’ effect to be achieved by allowing the covering to continue up walls, eliminating joints with the floor. This further enhances the hygienic properties of the product, and the PRO surface treatment ensures easy cleaning and maintenance over the life of the flooring.


Excellent performance & functional properties: High resistance to abrasion, resistance to wear and tear, R10 Slip resistance (custom made & ordered)

Rubber flooring Multifloor nd-uni

Rubber Flooring Perth Multifloor nd-uni

Smooth surface in solid colour – The strong silent type Multifloor ND/ UNI rubber flooring offers an understated smooth finish with a single strong colour to set an even tone across the flooring. multifloor nd-uniWhile far from plain UNI is free from textures, studs or other accents, to ensure a singular colour interpretation. Multifloor – ND-UNI is a solution that combines excellent impact sound reduction with resistance to wear and ease in cleaning, guaranteed by the exclusive PRO – treatment, a polymer based coating that protects the floor surface. Available in both tile and roll format, UNI has 24 stylish colours, which means it will suit most environments, and is particularly ideal for high volume situations such as hotels, hospital and airports.


Antibacterial qualities: This property is guaranteed by the active presence of the Sulphur and Zinc Oxide used in vulcanization, therefore present in the molecular structure of the rubber. These natural strong and effective disinfectant agents ensure no growth or reproduction of germs developing which makes it the perfect choice in all Hospitals, Medical clinics and Aged Care Homes.

Rubber Flooring Grain

Rubber Flooring Perth Grain

Smooth surface with multi-coloured granules – Grain Rubber Flooring
Grain rubber flooring features a smooth surface with a pattern of multi-coloured granules, to add a depth of visual impact. Grain is perfect for high traffic environments such as airports or universities, and even retail spaces. With a wide range of powerful colours to really make a bold statement, Grain has enormous scope across a wide range of applications


Fire Behaviour/Smoke emissions/reaction to fire: Rubber floors are proved to be the best performing floors when confronted by a building fire in terms of exposure to flame, flame spread, volume of smokes, chemical nature of smokes and transparency of smokes.