Stair Nosing 10mm profile

A new product has been released with a which 10mm drop complies with AS1428 standard.

Lately there has been much hoo hah about compliance standards when it comes to stair nosing and the Design of Access and Mobility (AS1428).

Its exhausting to keep up. One set of standards the NCC National Construction Code maintain that with regards to stair nosing

A solid band of colour is required 70-75mm in depth across the tread with a 30% contrast required.

The contrasting strip shall be no more than 15mm back from the tread.

The turn down at the front face is to be no longer than 10mm.

The problem is, the AS1428 standards maintain the same when it comes to the minimum contrast strip of being 50mm and no more than 75mm, however there is no mention of the 10mm drop.

Manufacturers are still supplying a vast range of stair nosing’s and stair treads with 29mm, 28mm, 33mm drops.

How is it possible to fix a stair nosing or stair tread to a concrete aggregate paver or a brick paver with just a 10mm drop?

Seriously I ask you! If we were compelled to install 10mm drops on all surfaces there would be no tolerance for stairs that were not straight, and we all know that no set of stairs are ever straight.

At least with a stair nosing with a bull nosed edge and a drop of 28-33mm then from a practical sense we can install this nosing externally or internally with some degree of tolerance, using out trusty friends screws plugs and sikaflex.

Seriously, the people who make the rules should speak to everyone in the building trade; its daft to make up a one rule for stair nosing which applies to all, because in the real world it just doesn’t happen.

SOOO for the benefit of the 10mm drop standards, we PROUDLY present the SF 15…a beauty..