Stair Nosing Standards AS1428

These AS1428 Stair Nosing Standards 2009 standards are particularly important for designing stairs in public spaces, whether they be commercial, retail, or office stairs.

• Stairs must have opaque risers.
• Stair nosings are not allowed to project beyond the face of the riser. The riser itself may be vertical or splay backwards to a maximum of 25mm. The nosing profiles may have a sharp intersection, a radius up to 5mm, or up to a 5×5 chamfer.

• One of the key requirements that designers and architects need to be aware of is the need for a ‘luminance contrast strip’ that provides a strong visual cue of the tread / riser intersection.

This contrasting strip must be between 50 and 75mm wide, must run across the full width of travel.

It cannot be set back from the nosing more than 15mm. The strip needs a luminance contrast of at least 30% with respect to the background material.
As implied above, the contrast strip may be situated on the nosing itself, or set-back slightly. If it is actually on the nosing, it cannot extend down the riser more than 10mm.

The diagrams show both types of application of a luminance contrast strip in the AS1428 Stair Nosing Standards 2009. A luminescence contrast strip or a FRP stair tread is recommended, to provide luminance contrast and also provide slip-resistance.

The interpretation of most manufacturers is that this now means 50-75mm of one colour.
This would mean that any new building built or refurbished after 2009 should have nosings where a solid strip of colour is between 50 and 75mm on the tread of strip or nosing. All manufactures are complying or working towards this.

Manufacturers were given until 2010 to comply with the AS1428 standards.

Based on the new standards the image below


shows a nosing which has several stripes of contrasting colour. In the previous standards this was acceptable, however under the 2009 guidelines it states that the contrasting strip must be between 50 and 75mm wide

A nosing such as the one below, still has the same look of a Tiger nosing which has been popular for many years. The difference is that the aluminium bars are now the same colour as the inserts.


Stair nosing with 10mm face with Tiger striped inserts and aluminium bars

This is acceptable as the nosing has a solid colour of a minimum 50mm.