Vinyl plank flooring alternatives

Vinyl plank flooring is an inexpensive and robust flooring solution.

It is very low maintenance, and viny plank requires minimal cleaning with a simple warm water and detergent solution.

Vinyl plank flooring can be manufactured to be made to appear like wood, stone or ceramic and is now available in beveled edges, which gives it the appearance of a solid plank hardwood floor.
Stevenson Flooring supply and install vinyl plank flooring products from Armstrong, Amtico, Polyflor, Karndean, Tarkett and other major manufacturers.

These manufacturers supply vinyl plank, vinyl tiles and vinyl sheet to suit any budget or décor requirements.


We do not supply or install tongue and groove laminated wood flooring. We have found that with temperature changed the wood tends to swell and shrink, causing gaps between the boards. Additionally water-moisture get traps between planks and causes them to swell and delaminate.

Vinyl plank flooring expands and contract as they are made out of PVC; expansion and contraction in temperatures has no effect on the planks when installed.

Resilient Vinyl Plank and Flooring offers realistic looks and textures and a wide range of a smooth or embossed surface texture. Enjoy a realistic look and feel that is strong, durable.

The ability to replicate real hardwoods and stone looks, marble looks using innovative photographic techniques is the basis of (LVT) luxury vinyl flooring systems. There are usually four specific layers bonded together to produce the final product:

  1. tough vinyl backing
  2. vinyl colour layer
  3. photographic film layer
  4. polyurethane top layer which coats the plank or tile

The protective top layer (also called a wear layer) is important to the durability of the product. Various products come in different gauges (thickness) and wear layers for vinyl plank flooring.
Some vinyl flooring planks are 2mm gauge, 2,5mm gauge, 3mm gauge, 3.5mm.

The wear layer which is effectively the

photographic layer which is protected by the polyurethane layer can be 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.35mm 0.55mm.

May people say that the bigger the wear layer the more durable a vinyl plank flooring installation would be.

Most commercial vinyl plank flooring generally has about 0.55mm wear layer

Stevenson Flooring have a long established reputation for laying quality vinyl plank flooring, at a fair price.

The image shows the layers and construction of vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring
Vinyl Plank Flooring